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thunder box 2015-2016-2017

“It is the result of a process of personal recovery that for me is meaning a rebirth with all the pain, uncertainty, fears and joys that entails”


tema V 2014

this project is the union of writings, music, lands, flowers, colors that make me feel

… “I have carried it in memory taking care of it so that time does not wear it, and it is only now that I can finally explain it. I will do it for them and for others who entrusted their lives to me so that the wind does not erase them … “

… song of protest by the dictatorship of Franco, the black cock is dictatorship and the red cock are anti-Franco movements

… we paint because life is not enough. Here life is enough. It is almost excessive. A good place to stop.

Red color saturated, passionate, love, hate, no middle ground, does not leave indifferent.

Jasmine flower, perfumed, comforting, healing, exuberant.

dissonances 2013-2014

I wanted to capture the dissonance between two ways of living, the prehistoric era, in the caves, and the present

around a table 2013

I want to show, the experiences that happen around any table

travel notebook 2012

when I travel I carry a small notebook where I write, draw and keep small treasures

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